Craft and People conference

1. November 2012, British Museum

Please find a .pdf with abstracts for papers and posters here (of course, we’ll be providing printed versions in your conference packs!):

CP abstract book 291012

(newly added, slightly changed 29th October 2012)

The preliminary programme can be downloaded here:

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1. November 2012, British Museum

Stevenson Lecture Theatre

9:00h               Registration opens

9:15–9:20h      Welcome: Marion Uckelmann & Ben Roberts

9:20–9:40h      Introduction: Sara Strack

Object and Craft

(Session 1)

9:40–10:05h                Ann Brysbaert and Melissa Vetters (University of Leicester/University of Heidelberg/Athens)

Buried, wasted, half-done and left-over:

in search of the artisans among their ‘rubbish’

10:05–10:30h             Barbara Armbruster (Toulouse University)

Functional analogies as approaches to metal technology understanding ancient craftspeople and workshops by          4

iconography, ethnoarchaeology and experimental archaeology

10:30–10:55h             Kate Verkooijen (University of Exeter)

Bronze Age Faience in Britain: Experiments in making faience objects using British natural materials and firing them in charcoal furnaces

10:55–11:20h             Georg Nightingale (Salzburg University)

Crafts and terminology of crafts in Mycenaean Greece

11:20–11:40h             coffee break

(Session 2)

11.40–12.05h              Andrew Appleby and Michael Lucas (indepenendent/Willamette University)

Orkney’s grooved ware secrets

12:05–12:30h             Simona Todaro (Catania University)

Forming vases at Prepalatial and Protopalatial Phaistos.

Layering and its potential for understanding the chaîne opératoire of ceramic manufacture

12:30–12:55h             Carolin Jauss (Free University of Berlin)

Cooking techniques and the role of cooks in an early urban society

13:00–14:00h             lunch break

                                          (we move over to BP lecture theatre)

poster session

(posters can be viewed from now until conference ends)

BP Lecture Theatre

(Session 3)

14:00–14:25h             Deborah Olausson (Lund University)

Knapping skill and the question of craft specialization in Late Neolithic southern Scandinavia

14:25–14.50h             Jo Sofaer (University of Southampton)

Creativity and Craft: Inspiration from the Bronze Age

14:50–15:15h             Cristiano Iaia et al. (La Tuscia University)

Experimental Approaches to Tools and Technical Skills of the Bronze Age Smiths in the Terramare Area (Northern Italy)

15:15–15:40h             Giovanni Leonardi and Silvia Rossi et al. (Padova University)

The “workshop-houses” of Vicenza foothills during the Late Iron Age:

the case study of Montebello Vicentino (Vicenza, Italy)

15:40–16:00h              coffee break

(Session 4)

16:00–16:25h                    Daniel Sahlén / Michael Charlton (University of Glasgow/

University College London)

Waste and expertise: assessing skilled production from metallurgical residues

16:25–16:50h             Chris Hayward (Edinburgh University)

Revealing the Ancient Greek Stone Mason from Literary, Epigraphic and Archaeological Evidence

16:50–17:15h             Luis Berrocal and Gregorio Manglano (Autonomous University of Madrid)

A skilled labour with ethnical significance? Craft-productions of “Verracos” sculptures from Spanish Iron Age

2. November 2012, British Museum

Images of Craftspeople

BP Lecture Theatre

(Session 5)

9:00–9:25h                 Daniela Arroyo Barrantes (University of Cambridge)

The portrait of the potter and craftmaking in the Ancient Near East

9:25–9:50h                 Eleni Hasaki (University of Arizona)

Decoding the Penteskouphia Imagery:

The Penteskouphia Pinakes and Potters at Work in Ancient Greece

9:50–10:15h                coffee break

Society and Craftspeople

(Session 6)

10:15–10:40h             Kristen Seaman (Kennesaw State University)

The Anxiety of Social Status among Greek Artists and Craftsmen

10:40–11:05h             Maikel Kuijpers (University of Cambridge)

Reappraising chaîne opératoire; adding new theory to an old method

11:05–11:30h             Anne Lehoërrf (Lille University)

Metal craftsman of Bronze Age society. His role in war

11:30–11:55h             Brian Dolan (University College Dublin)

Iron, performance and the social role of ironworkers in Iron Age Ireland

12:00–12:45h             lunch break

12:45–14:30h             poster session

practiced skills and workshops (to be announced)

(Session 7)

14:30–14:55h             Sophie Bergerbrant (Norwegian University, Trondheim)

Making Bronze Age Textiles

14:55–15:20h             Joanne Cutler (University College London)

Arachne’s web:

women, weaving and networks of knowledge in the Bronze Age southern Aegean

15:20–15:40h             coffee break

(Session 8)

15:40–16:05h             Richard Darah (Archaeological Consultant, Norwich)

The reconstruction of the Dover Boat: What it tells about Bronze Age Craft Skills

16:05–16:30h             Rob Lee (University of Southampton)

Tools of the Craft: Woodcrafting influences on tool morphology and targeted technical change during the Late Bronze Age in Southern England

16:30–17:25h             final open discussion